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I’m so impressed with this seller! The shipping was incredibly fast. I had my first order the next day. The products are wonderful and well packaged. The wax melts beautifully and the scent is divine. Communication was impeccable; I was alerted at every step of the process. I even got a coupon I was able to apply to a subsequent purchase. Highly recommend. You really should!

~ Rose

This smells amazing. I was so nervous buying smell unsmelled, but I’m so happy I did. It definitely gives Northern California vibes and remind me of home.

- Sara

Greg makes excellent candles and I cannot recommend them enough. Obviously made with love and care. I'm a repeat buyer and encourage you to give this shop a try if you are into candles. :-)

- Mike

I cannot express enough how much I love this combination of scents. When I first got the package, my asthma was acting up, so I just put it under my nose and breathed it in unlit while doing some reading and it was so enticing and soothing! I've since been able to enjoy it lit as well, and it is quite delightful. Also, I am sensitive to a lot of things like chemicals and perfume-like smells, so I really appreciate the mindful ingredients that I can enjoy. :)

- Ravenac

Gorgeous orange blossom scent! It takes me back to my grandparents’ fragrant backyard garden in Los Angeles and reminds me of my own orange tree in my Ventura backyard. Exceptional craftsmanship in creating a true-to-life Ventura and SoCal environmental scent!

- Laurie

These products are amazing! The scents are extremely accurate and not overpowering. I adore them! Makes me feel like I'm back by the beach!

- Klinkebeans

i give a candle every year to an honorary niece; as she doesn't live near me, i never get to see it before i send it. she actually let me know she'd received it and loved it! and that's a christmas miracle right there :) thank you so much

- Donna

Love this scent and the packages arrive very quickly. My new favorite candle. Cedar Leaf & Sage 🥰

- Connie

Got this candle for my Mom, she's always loved Joshua trees but we don't live close anywhere near them anymore. The candle smells great and it made her day :)

- Hannah

This candle smells SO GOOD, I haven't burned it since it's going to be sent along to a friend, but the wax looks even and the wick looks fine. I will say the packaging was PERFECT, the candle was very secure and, honestly? it was nice enough packaging that I'm going to gift it to my friend in its original box.

~ Rowan

Pasadena is one of my favorite cities and this candle brings me back to some great memories!

~ Eva