1. Opening Order Minimum: The $250 minimum for the opening order seems reasonable. However, you might want to specify whether this minimum is based on the wholesale price or the retail price. It's common for wholesalers to specify that the minimum order should be at the wholesale price level.

  2. Payment Terms: You mention that payment must be made in full in advance of dispatch, but you also state that you may consider payment terms for large accounts. It would be helpful to define what constitutes a "large account" and under what conditions you would offer payment terms. This adds clarity for potential wholesale partners.

  3. Retail Environment: Emphasize that items purchased through wholesale are intended for resale only in a physical retail environment. This helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that your products are used as intended.

  4. Online Sales: While you mention that retailing online is prohibited for wholesale accounts, you might want to specify the consequences of violating this policy. For example, you could state that violation may result in the termination of the wholesale partnership.

  5. Pricing and Discounts: It's great that you clarify that wholesale pricing is generally at a flat 50% (Keystone). You might consider adding information about how and when these wholesale prices may be subject to change. Transparency about pricing adjustments due to supplier costs can help build trust.

  6. Branding and Packaging: Be more specific about the changes that may occur in branding and packaging. For instance, you could mention that changes might be related to design updates or improvements in materials. Providing more details on this will reassure partners that changes are made for the better.

  7. Unique Scent for Large Accounts: It's a nice touch to offer unique scents for large accounts. Specify what qualifies as a "large account" and how wholesale partners can request such customizations. Providing a clear process for this can encourage more engagement from potential partners.